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Subdivision Summary for Oak Meadows
Houses: 1,980
Median Value: $78,821
Median Sqft: 1,200
Value / Sqft: $66
Likely Rentals: 294 (15%)
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Oak Meadows
Year Value % Change
2009 $78,821 (-2.89%)
2008 $81,097 (0.18%)
2007 $80,954 (5.38%)
2006 $76,598 (1.27%)
2005 $75,623 (7.70%)
2004 $69,800 (4.44%)
2003 $66,700 (10.42%)
2002 $59,750 (0.00%)
The information above shows a snapshot of Oak Meadows for the 2009 tax year. The chart above and the "% Change" column provide insight into the changing values of houses in this subdivision. Below is a table of recent sales in Oak Meadows. We estimate that 294 of the 1980 houses in Oak Meadows are likely to be houses that are rented.
Recent Sales
Address Date Price Sqft. Price/sqft.
No recent sales recorded.
Streets in Oak Meadows
Ahrens Street
Allendale Road
Aubert Street
Axilda Street
Bobolink Street
Bosworth Street
Choate Circle
Christine Street
El Buey Way
Evonne Street
Falvey Street
Firefly Avenue
Firefly Street
Flagstone Terrace
Forest Oaks Drive
Gober Street
Howard Drive
Loper Street
Maroby Street
Mayo Avenue
Michael Drive
Nightingale Drive
Oak Meadows Street
Ogilvie Street
Orchid Street
Oriole Street
Primrose Street
Rosa Allen Street
Ruell Street
Shamrock Avenue
Shamrock Street
Starling Street
Sweetbriar Street
Toni Avenue
Vinett Street
Woodbine Street
Woodlark Avenue
Woodlark Street