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19503 Brittany Creek Drive (map)
Current Home Price House Price: $256,621
Price per sqft: $58
Current Street Price Street Price: $235,969
Price per sqft: $63
Owner Address:
19503 Brittany Creek Dr
Spring, TX 77388
Street: Brittany Creek Drive
Subdivision: Estates At Creeks End
Size: 4,416 square feet
Purchase Date: Feb 18, 2008
Sales Data: Street Subdivision
Yearly Appraisal Comparisons
Year House (% Change) Street (% Change) Subdivision (% Change)
2009 $256,621 (0.00%) $235,969 (0.00%) $230,708 (0.00%)
2008 $142,588 (0.00%) $252,674 (0.00%) $252,053 (0.00%)
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